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Whether you’re looking for a new suit for that formal event this summer, or new shirts for the office, Black & Lee has got you covered. Come into any Black & Lee store to take advantage of our August Summer Sale!

1. Renoir Black Suit: For The Everyday Guy

At Black & Lee, we believe that every man should own at least one black suit. Whether you’ve got a job interview, you’re attending your kid’s graduation, or you just need a fresh look for your new LinkedIn profile picture, a Renoir Black Suit can serve multiple needs.

The beauty of the black suit is that you can wear it different ways and get different looks out of it. You can wear the dress pants without the suit jacket and with a collared shirt. You can wear it with the suit jacket. You can wear a formal vest with the suit. Or without. That’s four completely different looks you can get -- all with just one outfit.

You can’t go wrong with a simple black suit. This is for the everyday guy, who wants his bang for his buck.

You can purchase a Renoir Black Suit at any Black & Lee store, for just $179.

2. Lief Horsens Navy Check Suit: For The Adventurous Guy

The Lief Horsens Navy Check suit is for the guy who wants a different look for his wardrobe. Whether you’ve got a fancy event coming up and you want all eyes on you, or you just love wearing bold colours and patterns, this suit is for you.

Like the Renoir Black Suit, you can wear this outfit multiple ways. Wear the coat with black pants for a more formal look. Wear the coat with dress jeans for a more casual look. The options are endless.

Get the entire jacket, pant, and vest set to invest in your fashionable future, for just $199!

The Lief Horsens Navy Check Suit is available for purchase at any Black & Lee store, for just $199.

3. All Patterned Shirts: For The Fancy Guy

Looking for a look that’ll turn heads? Pair our Patterned Shirts with some dress pants, and you’ll be the beau of the ball -- guaranteed.

You can purchase an All Patterned Shirt at any Black & Lee store, for just $45.

4. Soul of London Shirts: For The Laidback Guy

Really looking to get a bang for your buck? Check out our Soul of London Shirts! Colours range from light blue and black, to lavender and aqua.

The beauty of our Soul of London shirts is that they’re a simple, yet effective, way of changing up your entire look. For example, if you’re wearing a simple black suit (like our Renoir Black Suit!) and want to add an extra flair to your look, add a Soul of London blue shirt.

We believe that every man should always have 2 shirts in his wardrobe: a white shirt for formal occasions, and a second shirt in your favourite colour. Colours have a way of really spicing up your wardrobe!

You can purchase a Soul of London Shirt at any Black & Lee store, for JUST $18!

Sale ends August 31st so make sure to come and take advantage of these sweet deals!

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