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There’s something about a tie that really completes your look. It’s easy to feel incomplete when you’re not wearing one -- especially if you’re at an important function and you want to show an air of importance.

The right tie can also add an extra flair to your outfit. In this post, we discuss the power of the power tie.

The Simple Black Tie

You can’t go wrong with a black tie. Whether you’re about to walk the stage and graduate, you’re getting married, you’re watching your best friend get married, or you’re about to make a major pitch to a client, a black tie essentially says: “I know what I’m doing.” It’s simple, yet effective.

It also goes with virtually any suit. It has a way of completing your look, without taking away too much attention from your suit.

Looking for a simple black tie? Get yours at  any Black & Lee store.

The Knit Tie

The knit ties are the rule-changers of ties. You can wear them with virtually anything. Getting bored of wearing simple ties to formal events? Want to wear a tie to a casual gathering? Knitted ties to the rescue.

The power of the knitted tie lies in the square bottom, which gives it the versatility you need. You’re no longer constrained by having to match the tie to the occasion. The knitted tie is an investment in your fashion.

The Burgundy Tie

Nothing says all-eyes-on-me quite like a bright, burgundy tie. Sometimes, you need to walk into a room and turn heads, whether you’re about to give an important speech, or you just want to turn heads. At Black & Lee, we understand that. And our burgundy ties will help you do just that.

Style tip: pair our burgundy tie with a simple, white shirt to get the optimal look.

The Navy Tie

Looking for something a little more traditional? Our navy ties are designed to complete your look, without stealing the focus from your suit. This tie is the go-to for office-goers, grads, and groomsmen. Make sure to pair it with a blue handkerchief to really complete the look.

The Mercury Tie

Finally, the mercury tie is perfect for when you’re trying to match your tie to your date’s outfit. It adds that extra bit of elegance that’ll make sure you’re the talk of the party.

Change up your wardrobe and browse our selection of ties at any Black & Lee store.

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