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Our August summer sale was such a hit, we’ve decided to extend it… just for you! Come into any Black & Lee store and take advantage of these amazing deals. You can’t beat these prices!

Want to know what you can get out of our August summer sale? All the info is in this post.

Noir it up with our Renoir Black Suit

We’ve already given you the lowdown on this suit in a previous blog post. To recap our thoughts on this piece, our Renoir Black Suit is for the everyday guy. The guy that needs that go-to suit for special functions, work events, and holiday parties. Our customers love this suit so much, we’ve decided to give them a special discount.

Regular Price: $249

Sale Price: $179

You can’t beat this price! Come into any Black & Lee store and make an investment in your future. All you need is a Renoir Black Suit and you’re ready for any and every occasion.

Turn heads with our Renoir Beige Suit

Attending a destination wedding this summer? Or got a fancy summer event planned? Our Beige Renoir Suit is perfect for turning heads at summer parties, particularly if you don’t want to wear a dark suit in the hot summer weather. Not only do you look like you’re ready to enjoy the end of summer, you feel like it too.

Regular Price: $249

Sale Price: $199

Don’t have a summer event planned, but flying away to somewhere tropical this fall or winter? Turn heads at your fancy event in Hawaii or Mexico with this beige piece.

Be the beau of the ball with our Lief Horsens Blue Check Suit

A rich shade of blue can transform you into the beau of the ball. And our Lief Horsens Blue Check Suit does just that! On one condition: You can’t be shy about the sudden attention you’ll start receiving!

Regular Price: $269

Sale Price: $199

This item is a complete steal! So, what are you waiting for? Come to a Black & Lee store and make this fantastic investment in your fashionable future.

Change it up with our Lief Horsens Light Blue & Light Grey Suits

Our Lief Horsens Light Blue and Light Grey Suits epitomize summer. The light shades allow you to keep up with the hot summer weather we’ve been having. Like our beige suit, you can wear these at a destination wedding or summer event.

Light Blue:

Regular Price: $269

Sale Price: $225

Want to change things up? Mix and match with different vests to achieve a completely different look. These looks are perfect for the guy that’s tired of wearing the same old suit everyday, and wants to feel like a whole new person with a lighter shade of suits.

Light Grey:

Regular Price: $269

Sale Price: $225

And finally, take advantage of this incredible steal...

Do we need to sell you on this? Nautica, Soul of London, and Lief Horsens shirts...for JUST $18! You can pair these with any of the suits mentioned above and get different looks out of them.

At Black & Lee, we really care about our valued customers. We want you to look your best for whatever special party you’ve got planned, but we don’t want you to break the bank. Take advantage of this incredible sale and purchase our high quality suits and/or shirts. You’ll be able to wear them for years to come!

Sale ends September 2nd so hurry while supply lasts! Come to any Black & Lee store today.

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