When should I come in to book my tux/suit?

We always say, if you know the date of your event it’s time to come in to reserve your tux.  With that being said, we are a local company and that means we can also accommodate last-minute, and in some cases even same day, orders.

Can I mix and match items?

There are no rules in fashion and the same goes for our rental collection.  Feel free to mix colours, patterns, and accessories and way that you see fit.

What happens if something doesn’t fit?

When you come in to pick up your suit or tux, our style expert will ask you to try it on to ensure fit.  If something isn’t quite right, don’t sweat.  We can remedy issues easily and, typically, very quickly.  If you don’t try on your suit before leaving the store, we recommend trying it on as soon as you can and, if there are any issues, call the store you picked up from and they will take care of the rest.

Where do my items ship from?

We are the only mens’ formal wear company based locally in beautiful British Columbia.  All orders ship directly from our warehouse in south Burnaby.

Do I need to make an appointment before visiting your store?

Our stores operate on a first-come-first-service basis.  Come by, anytime during our regular business hours, as your schedule allows.

Do you offer any discounts for wedding parties?

Yes!  Wedding parties with five or more get the 6th rental free.* For promotional details, visit our promotions page here.

I’m not local but need to rent a tux when I come into town – can I do this?

You bet!  Our Out of Town Measurement card was created specifically for this reason. Fill in your measurements, style choices and which store you will be picking up at – then send it in to us! One of our style experts will touch base with you to confirm your order.  Find our Out of Town Measurement card here.

I don’t want to rent, can I buy instead?

Don’t want to rent?  No problem.  We have a full menswear collection featuring the latest in mens’ suits, dress shirts, neckwear and more.  Shop in-store or online here.

Besides the package price, are there any additional fees associated with rentals?

There are any applicable taxes and an $11 damage waiver on all rentals.  This acts as an insurance fee and covers any minor wear and tear that may occur to our garments during your event.

What happens during a fitting?

Our style experts will start by explaining the layout of the showroom.  Showrooms are typically divided in half with rental items on one side and retail items on the other.  Whether you choose to rent or purchase, our commitment to a pressure-free experience remains the same.  Our style expert will help you choose your look and, if applicable, set up your Wedding Reservation.  The next step is finding your perfect fit and we do this based on ten easy measurements.  We will then have you try on items to confirm sizes.

Are there any limitations to how many people you can fit at one time?

The more the merrier!  Just keep in mind that larger groups may have a longer visit.

You said you have a full display in store. Does that mean I can try on my exact outfit during my fitting?

We have fitter garments available to try on during your initial visit so that we may confirm accurate sizing.  When you return to pick up your order, you will be able to try on your exact items.

You said you have a full display in store. Does that mean I can try on my exact outfit during my fitting?

We are happy to offer boys’ tuxedo and suit rentals in select styles.  Our smallest jacket available is an (adorable) boys size 3.




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